Welcome To The Dartmoor Folk Festival 2021



After lengthy discussions within the festival organising committee, sadly we feel that it’s not going to be possible for us to put on a ‘normal’ Dartmoor Folk Festival in August 2021. There are various factors that have resulted in this decision and in order to protect the future of the festival we have come to the conclusion that we are unable to organise a full festival in 2021.

We are therefore proposing to concentrate on running the Dartmoor Step Dance and Broom Dance competitions either as live events or as virtual events depending on what is permitted at the time. Nearer the time, if things are looking up, we may consider putting on a small event to incorporate the competitions. This way we can remain flexible and adapt to the circumstances.

Hopefully by the end of 2021 things will have moved on and we will be in a position to confidently make plans for the 2022 festival.
(Those who booked tickets for 2020 will automatically roll over to 2022, or if requested, refunds will be made.)
Come back regularly for updates. But in the meantime have a look at what we got up to during the 2020 virtual festival:



The ‘Virtual Dartmoor Folk Festival 2020’ was a huge success. 

Thanks to Rob Pudner of ’Entertainingly Different’ who started the day with his popular ‘Rise and Shine’ show on ZOOM and streamed LIVE TO FACEBOOK. Along with CHRISTABEL White, Jim Causley and Kim Insull from ‘Really Wild Learning’.

Thanks to Matt Norman, Jenny Read, Lisa Sture and Richard De Salis for organising the ‘Virtual Broom Dance and Step Dance Competitions’. 

Each of the competitors joined a zoom meeting and were called to dance in turn, in their own homes. Each of the judges watched the dances live in their homes and scored on an online score sheet. The Step Dance Competition was streamed LIVE TO FACEBOOK and the Broom Dance winner was shown during the live broadcast. Check out the DARTMOOR FOLK FESTIVAL FACEBOOK PAGE for all the recordings of the virtual festival.

Virtual Stepdance 2020

Virtual Broomdance 2020

Rob Pudner Belstone Tor





Although the 2020 festival was cancelled early enough to avoid huge losses which could potentially have seen the end of the festival, we had significant losses on some infrastructure deposits and early advertising. If you feel you'd like to make a donation towards the future of the Dartmoor Folk Festival please see the Donate page or CLICK HERE. (Please note, all the festival committee including the officers are volunteers, all the money will go towards securing the future of the festival)



Also keep an eye on our social media feeds for updates. Facebook, Twitter - @dartmoorfolk and Instagram - dartmoorfolkfestival.media

Please don't forget that DOGS are not permitted at any festival venue including the recreation ground. (terms and conditions of the venues that we hire) They are welcome on the festival campsite on a lead. 

thumbnail Matt on wagon

STEPDANCE NEWS. The Dartmoor Stepdance Project was a huge success and is still going, visit the website for details http://www.dartmoorstepdance.org.uk 

If you have any memories of Dartmoor Stepdancing, or photos / videos we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line via the Contact page. For details click here to visit the project website



Tinners logo

Tinners Morris - Come and join the fun. 

Click here for info.


        Bob Cann Photo           

In the words of the late Bob Cann BEM (the festival's founder) "Yer tiz again - zongs, music and danzin' from dear ole Dart-i-moor! Welcum to this gurt weekend 'ope twill run proper zuent!" Proper Job. 





Some photos from 2017

Photos courtesy of Alan Quick.