The Dartmoor Step Dance workshop takes place in the School Hall on the Saturday morning. Boards are provided and at the end of the hour you'll have learnt the basic steps and be able to enter the competition in the afternoon if you wish to.

There are three rounds in the competition, the first two rounds are danced on a board on the floor either in the arena or the marquee if wet. The judges score each dancer on difficulty, timing and style. The judges then choose the best dancers to compete in the final round which is held on the wagon.

The Dartmoor Broom Dance workshop also takes place on the Saturday morning at the school. Outside if the weather is nice, inside the hall if wet. Brooms are provided. The workshop is open to all ages but the competition is for primary school aged children (if they've left primary that summer)

The Broom Dance competition takes place on the Saturday afternoon in the arena or marquee if wet. The very young can dance as a group if they wish and the workshop leaders are there to help and remind them of the moves. The judges have the difficult task of choosing a winner.