A brief history.

It was back in 1978 that local musician Bob Cann had the idea that he would like to start his own folk festival to help revive and preserve the traditions of Dartmoor, and in particular, the traditional music, dance, song and crafts of the area.

The first three festivals were held in the grounds of Wood Country House near South Tawton, until 1981 when it moved to its present location in the picturesque village of South Zeal, on the edge of Dartmoor.

Over the years the festival has grown making it possible to invite a high standard of folk artist from near and far, whilst maintaining its reputation for being a friendly, traditional festival.

Thanks must go out to all the past and present members of the Dartmoor Folk Festival Association, who over the years have given their time and effort voluntarily to the fund raising, organising and running of the festival, which will hopefully enable it to continue as it is for the next generation to enjoy.

Thanks are also due to all those people who help us in setting up the festival, by providing equipment, transport and all those one hundred and one essential items that go to make up the weekend.

Photos from 2014. Photos courtesy of Alan Quick & Cecil Hatfield.